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    PoE Splitter 5V

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    Splits up PoE into data and power supply

    Article No.: 100443

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    PoE Splitter 5V

    Our PoE splitter can be used to deliver 5V to end devices with no power sockets in close vicinity. It supports IEEE802.3af@15.4W and is compatible with both PoE output standards.

    Variant 1: Pin 1 & 2 (+); Pin 3 & 6 (-)
    Variant 2: Pin 4 & 5 (+); Pin 7 & 8 (-)

    Overall product information
    Input Voltage IEEE802af @ 15.4W
    Power output 5V 2A (3.5mm & 1.35mm)
    max. power consumption -
    Chipset -
    Data transfer rate 10/100 MBit
    Special feature No
    Requirements & Measurements
    Compatible devices
    Para modelo IN-2901, IN-2904, IN-2905 V1, IN-2905 V2, IN-2907, IN-2908, IN-3001, IN-3003, IN-3005, IN-3010, IN-3011, IN-6001HD, IN-6011HD, IN-6012HD, IN-6014HD, IN-8001 Full HD, IN-8015 Full HD
    Weight 150g
    Measurements in cm (H / W / D) 9 / 3 / 2,5

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